Monday, February 6, 2017

CT PTU Mechanical Heart 10 Tutorial

Written on the February 6, 2017 by Debbie Priest

This tutorial was written in PSP X but can be done in any version. This was written assuming you have working knowledge of PSP. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

My tutorials are only meant as a guide.

Supplies Needed:

Font of Choice.

PTU Fabulous Scrap Kit  "Mechanical Heart 10" by Tammy Welt. You can get it Here

Tube of your choice - I am using the Fantastic artwork of ©Alehandra Vanhek. You need a license to use this tube, please do not use this tube without a proper license.
You can get it Here

Mask: WSL_84 by Wee at Weescotslass Creations. You can get it Here

Plugins:  Xero Porcelain
          Eye Candy 3.1 Glow

Drop Shadow throughout is 1, 1, 50, 4.00 Black.

On to the Tut!!

* Open up a New Image 700 x 700. You can resize later. Flood fill white.

* Copy and paste paper 8. Layers, load mask from disk. Apply WSL_Mask 84. Layers, merge group.

* Copy and paste elements of choice. Resize to your liking. See my tag for placement. DS all. I used:

Element 31
Element 42
Element 43
Copy and paste tube
                       Element 44                       
Element 90
Element 16
Element 32
Element 29
Element 83
Element 82
Element 74
Element 76
Element 50. Duplicate, mirror, merge down. Duplicate free rotate right 90. Merge down, move below mask layer.
Element 85
Element 54 times 4
Element 92

* Add any other elements you wish anywhere along the way.

* Close out the background and mask layers, merge visible. Keep closed. Rezize 96%.

* Effects, plugins, xero, porcelain 50, 80, 128. Ok.

* Adjust sharpness, sharpen.

* Crop if desired.

* Resize all layers checked to 700 x 700 or desired size. I always resize before adding the copyright. It makes the copyright clearer.

* Add your name, copyright info.,  proper license # (if needed), and watermark.

* Merge visible and save as PNG file.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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